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Wagon Ride

Here’s your inside line for the Bar T 5. Don't expect to see dinner cooking as you pull into the parking lot, because at this point you still have two miles to go. You won't need your car anymore for this trip; you will be checking in, given a short introduction then loaded into horse drawn covered wagons.

With a team of horses hooked up your wrangler will guide you up Cache Creek Canyon. Put these cowboys to the test with question about the horses, and you might even get them to sing for you. (Just remember, that sometimes the horse sings better then the cowboy.) Traveling along you will encounter a friendly mountain man, Buckskin who will help you watch out for any trouble along the trail.

When you reach camp your efforts are rewarded. The cooks are putting the finishing touches on your delicious Dutch oven dinner, while your host welcomes you into camp.

The Food

You will be given a hardy meal as you go through the chow line, in fact when you reach the end you will be wondering how you are going to eat it all.

You start the chow line by grabbing a roll and getting some salad. You may have your choice of any dressing as long as it's Ranch dressing.

This next item you don't want to miss, it is our special bean recipe. You may ask, "how good can it be?" Well, I ask the gentlemen who came back 5 times. The chicken is next, it has been slow cooked in the Dutch ovens and smothered in BBQ sauce. Next comes the roast beef with special gravy.

Now you may think that you only get the chicken or roast beef but rest assured, you can have both. Reaching the corn on the cob you look at your plate and wonder where do I put this? Trust me, we will help find a place. Last you grab your choice of lemonade, water, coffee, and hot chocolate. The best part is for those hardy eating folks, you can keep coming back until we find the bottom of the pots.


The Band

To follow tradition of all wagon trains, the Bar T 5 Band begins to play. They will entertain you with harmony and great western music just like it was shared at night around the camp fire in the old west. They will bring humor and enjoyment to the camp just as the cowboys did on the trail. With music in the air you never know what adventures the night might bring.


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